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Hamsa Hand 3" Jumbo Black Aluminum 4 Part Herb Grinder 3.00" (75mm) Herbal Crusher w/ Original Design Seeing Eye Purple Love Faith God

  • $30.00

Grind in style with our BIGGEST and BEST QUALITY Grinder we have! 3" Wide!

Easily grind herbs, spices, and more with quick and consistent results! We guarantee that this will be the the highest quality and the best looking grinder you own or your money back. Guaranteed!

• Forty-Eight DIAMOND CUT Teeth in the main chamber.
• Stainless Steel Pollen sifting Screen.
• Precision Milled Holes that ensure only consistent sized grains collect in the center chamber.
• Powerful Neodymium Magnets to create a tight seal, locking in contents and smells.
• CNC machined from a single piece of 100% Pure Aerospace grade Aluminum with zero alloys or cheap fillers!
• Textured Finger Grips for a slip free grind!
Size: Diameter 3." x 2.0" (75mm)
• Weighs 9 Ounces.

Notice the size difference in the third picture. The smaller black grinder is the 2.25" wide (56mm).

The high quality custom design is digitally printed and then applied with a clear UV polyurethane coating. This process gives the 2d digital image a 3D effect which also adds a pleasurable tactile feel that is self-healing. Minor cuts and scratches heal themselves so the label will continue looking as new and fresh as the day you received it in the mail!

100% Authentic Grinder!
We guarantee that this will not only be the best looking grinder you own but also the highest quality grinder you own or your money back. Guaranteed!
All designs are created by Swagstr and packed with the Swagstr Gift Box.

Please check out my listings for more additional styles and types of grinders!

Weddings, birthday's, holiday's, anniversaries, weekends, or just because... We have the special gift for every occasion!

All grinders are prepared and will ship within one business day of your order with USPS First Class Mail. All orders include tracking.

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