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FADED Electronic 6 Colorful Lighters! With Long Metal Torch Style Tube - Handmade Custom Vinyl Design Rose Floral Pattern Flowers

  • $11.95

Never lose your lighter again with the extra long tube lighter with FADED design! Light up in style!

6 (Six) specially designed FADED colorful lighters. You are ordering six different color FADED lighters and will receive the exact assortment of colors you see in the photos above. Please do not make color requests as it will become difficult to keep all the colors in stock. I will automatically send an assortment of colors with each order. :)

All designs are created by Swagstr Designs and digitally printed on 3.75ml laminated vinyl using a patented process
 similar to the one used to wrap race cars. The vinyl image has a matte finish that is waterproof, scratch
 resistant, and will not fade over time or with heavy use.

Each design completely wraps around the entire lighter overlapping in the 
back. The position of the design may vary slightly as each
 lighter is a unique handmade item.

The lighter has a one click electronic piezo ignition. The added metal tube is perfect for lighting candles, pipes, pilot lights, and other hard to reach places. Never burn your thumb or fingers again! The lighter is refillable, adjustable and comes in an assortment of colors.

FADED Design Lighter info:
Dimensions: Height 4.25", Width 1.00″, Thickness .50"
Height of Metal lighting tube is 1"
Comes in six different colors!

Yes, I wholesale. Please send me a message with the quantity you would like and I'll get back to you with a price.

All Lighters are prepared and will ship within one business day of your order with USPS First Class Mail.