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Dreamcatcher Wood Stash Box Combo - Large 4 Part Herb Grinder 2.5” with pollen catcher - Stash jar - Engraved Wood Box

  • $36.95

★ ORGANIZE YOUR STASH - Organize your herbs, spices, and accessories inside a premium wood Stash Box! The dreamcatcher stash box comes with a matching full size, dreamcatcher grinder (2.5”), and a glass smell proof jar.

★ KEEP YOUR HERBS FRESH - Airtight and Smell Proof seal will preserve your herbs keeping them fresh for months! Full size 75ml glass stash jar with dreamcatcher logo screen printed on the jar! Smell proof and airtight jar locks in smells. Odor free guarantee!

★ DREAMCATCHER DESIGN - The dreamcatcher or “Sacred Hoops” protects people from bad dreams and negative energy. Bad dreams and bad energy are caught in the dreamcatcher’s web while pleasant and positive energy pass through the web and gently slide down the feathers entering into your thoughts. Show the dreamcatcher symbol in your home to welcome pleasant thoughts, positive energy, and good people into your life!

★ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! To demonstrate our confidence in the quality and integrity of stash box combo we offer a 100% satisfaction or your money back no questions asked. We mean it!

★ ULTIMATE STASH BOX COMBO - All pieces are expertly designed, made of the highest quality, and will perfectly compliment each other. The Ultimate Stash Box Combo includes an engraved stash box, matching 4 piece titanium grinder and smell proof jar. The Dreamcatcher Stash Box is a perfect gift!


•Four piece titanium grinder with fifty diamond blades in the main chamber.
•Stainless Steel 100 micron Pollen sifting Screen.
•Precision Milled Holes that ensure only consistent sized grains collect in the center chamber.
•Powerful Neodymium Magnets to create a tight seal, locking in contents and smells.
•CNC machined from a single piece of 100% Pure Steel with zero alloys or cheap fillers!
•Textured Finger Grips for a slip free grind!
•Diameter 2.5” x 2.0” (63mm).

•Keeps your herbs fresh for months.
•Eco-friendly, BPA, and Lead Free!
•Wire top lid for an airtight smell proof seal.
•Size: 3” Tall x 1.5” Wide

•Premium engraved design.
•Quality construction with a premium natural stain inside and out!
•Quality metal hinges and mental latch.
•Size: 6” Wide x 4” Deep x 3” Tall