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Donut Zinc Titanium Herb Grinder

  • $19.95

Grind in style with the 'donut print' 4 Piece Grinder. Comes with a pollen scraper and gift box for safe keeping! #DONUTS #stickysweet #sweetgirls

Grinder Color Option: Select your choice of either the Zinc Titanium Grinder (pictured) or Silver Titanium!

• HIGH QUALITY GRINDER - Stainless steel with an anodized zinc coating creates an almost indestructible grinder that will not corrode, chip, scratch or contaminate the contents.
• DIGITALLY PRINTED DESIGN created by Swagstr and UV sealed with a polyurethane coating for a 3D effect which is also self healing. Small scratches and cuts heal themselves!
• PRECISION CUT STEEL on laser guided CNC machines for an ultra smooth grind with perfect threading and seals!
• THE ULTIMATE GRINDING EXPERIENCE... Or your Money BACK! Dimensions: 2.5” wide and1.75” Tall (56mm)
• PERFECT GIFT - The Swagstr grinder comes with a pollen scraper and the Swagstr Chevron Gift box for gift giving and safe keeping.

Size: Diameter 2.5" x 1.75" (or 63mm)
Weight: Approximately 8 ounces

The high quality custom design is digitally printed and then applied with a clear UV polyurethane coating. This process gives the 2d digital image a 3D effect which also adds a pleasurable tactile feel that is self-healing. Minor cuts and scratches heal themselves so the label will continue looking as new and fresh as the day you received it in the mail!

Contains Fifty CNC precision laser cut teeth held together by a neodymium magnet in the main grinding chamber. After being shredded between the eternally-sharp diamond shaped teeth the precisely milled holes underneath ensure that only the correct sized grains will fall through collecting within the middle compartment. The resulting product will be consistent in size and remain in the middle chamber until removed for use which is perfect for safe transportation. Any pollen within the middle chamber will slowly sift itself through the stainless steel screen accumulating in the bottom compartment.